Rob the Nest

Required: 3 hula hoops (to be nests), 7 or 8 balls (to be eggs), if at the beach, draw a hoop in the sand and collect a bunch of shells instead. If at the park use three kids' hats to be nests instead and rocks as eggs.
Min number of players: 3
Age of players: All

This is a great activity for a group of kids.

  • Place all the eggs in the middle of your play area
  • Each player should have their own nest in front of them, which is currently empty.
  • On “Go!” each player runs to the eggs in the middle, takes one, and puts it in their nest.  Then they return to collect another.
  • Once there are no eggs remaining in the middle, they must instead rob another’s nest!
  • The winner is the first player to get 3 eggs in their own nest.