About the play movement

The MILO team has created The Play Movement, calling for Australian families to come together and take action to ensure kids get enough play today and for future generations. Quite simply, the goal is to encourage families to incorporate active play into each and every day.

This initiative is in response to the insights gained through the MILO State of Play study, including the revelation that nearly half (45%) of children aged 8-12 years in Australia and New Zealand aren’t playing every day. Dr Paula Barrett, child developmental psychologist and play-based learning expert, says that the issue of play is of considerable importance, and something that needs to be acted on sooner rather than later. “The longer we de-prioritise it, the more likely we are to have unhappy and inactive kids. In addition to missing out on the fun of play and learning important social skills, parents and children may lose the opportunity for important bonding time that happens during play. So let’s regenerate our natural love of unstructured active play that many generations before us have enjoyed”.

To support The Play Movement, the MILO team has kicked off a nationwide play effort to provide families with inspiration on how to ‘go play’ with their kids. The MILO Play Tour has commenced with exciting play events taking place across Australia and New Zealand. To keep up with The Play Movement join the MILO Facebook community, a hub for parents to share experiences and help each other overcome the barriers to play, where you can also receive free expert advice from Dr Barrett.