Milo & Cricket


MILO has been a part of the Australian Cricket landscape since 1992. With the help of our MILO ambassador Holly Ferling, we’ve introduced more than half a million Aussie kids to Cricket every year, through the MILO in2CRICKET and the MILO T20 Blast programs.


MILO in2CRICKET is Australian Cricket’s premier Junior Development Program and offers kids aged 5 - 8 years the chance to learn a range of cricket skills. From batting and bowling through to throwing and catching, it’s a great way for kids to develop physical fitness, social skills, sportsmanship and an understanding of cricket.

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MILO® T20 Blast

MILO T20 Blast is an exciting program that gives kids aged 8 – 12 the chance to play real games of cricket. Based on the popular T20 format, MILO T20 Blast is great fun with high-energy music and gives everyone the opportunity to have a go at batting, bowling and fielding.

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Holly Ferling is one of the rising stars of international women’s cricket, having exceeded expectations in her short career to date.

Ferling first caught the eye of the cricket fraternity when, as a 14-year-old, she took a hat-trick with her first three balls in a men’s A-Grade Cricket match in Kingaroy, Queensland. On the back of this, and other standout performances at club level, Ferling was added to Queensland Fire’s rookie list at the age of 14.

In India at the age of 17 playing in the ICC Women’s World Cup, Ferling announced herself on the international stage, taking 2-10 from three overs in Australia’s opening match of the tournament. She went on to take nine wickets during the World Cup and was named 12th man in the Team of the Tournament.

Holly started as a MILO ambassador in 2013. She is flying the flag for women in cricket and is our first female cricket ambassador, having come through the MILO in2CRICKET program herself. Holly is very excited to work with kids in the junior MILO Cricket programs and encourage more young girls to get involved.

At the same time as being a professional cricketer and MILO ambassador, Holly is completing a degree at university - an all-round superwoman!



1. What do you most like about playing cricket?

I love that it is an individual yet team based sport at the same time. There really is nothing better than spending the whole day in the field with your friends!

2. What advice do you have for kids interested in playing cricket?

Just enjoy it! It’s only a game and we play it because we love it. If you play with a smile, the more runs you will score, the more wickets you will take and the more fun you will have!


3. What food do you eat to prepare for a game?

I always make sure I have a big breakfast as we never know if we are batting or bowling first. This makes sure that I have plenty of energy ready for the day. I love having yoghurt, muesli and some fruit! AND PLENTY OF WATER!

4. What’s your favourite sporting memory?

Anytime I was in the backyard with my family, kicking around the footy, passing around the netball or whatever else we could get our hands on.


5. How do you maintain a balanced diet?

I believe in everything in moderation. I love my dessert but I make sure I only have a little bit and that I eat well during the day.